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I passionately believe that everyone has a right to know their history, their family, their roots.  When

separated by adoption, these bonds are broken and everyone involved is often left with questions

unanswered. It is natural to want to know who your family members are, if they are doing well, what

they are like, and what they look like, among many other things!

It can been an intimidating process, and frustrating without knowing much information.  It can be exciting,

overwhelming, scary, emotional, and immensely rewarding to make contact with family.  Being a Confidential Intermediary allows me to have access to valuable information for conducting a search.  Using a CI also gives you a go-between person to facilitate contact, and confidentiality can be maintained while everyone has time to contemplate how they'd like to proceed.  I approach every case with great respect for confidentiality and privacy.


My personal history also fuels my passion for helping reestablish these connections.  Due to difficult circumstances, I placed my newborn son for adoption when I was 16 years old.  I was fortunate enough to have him find me a few years ago, and we have established a wonderful relationship, and both have had so many of our questions finally answered.  I also have a master's degree in psychology, and worked for many years in the field of adoptions with biological parents, adoptees, foster parents, and adoptive parents.  My breadth of experience, both personally and professionally, gives me a unique perspective and knowledge of the complexities of adoption and reunion. I hope to be able to help others achieve the closure they desire.

Please contact me via this website, e-mail, or phone if you'd like more information! / 928.853.6534

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