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Confidential Intermediary Program

Confidential Intermediaries (CIs) are certified and monitored by the Arizona Supreme Court.  They can assist in searching for parties who have been involved in an Arizona adoption process.  CIs have access to closed adoption files, division agency, and maternity home records not otherwise available.  Contact can be facilitated between adoptive parents, adopted individuals, birth parents, and siblings, while protecting court and agency records and the anonymity of those who desire it. 

Confidential Intermediaries may also assist former dependent children, who desire contact with siblings, through the Sibling Information Exchange Program (SIX).

Why use a Confidential Intermediary?

CONFIDENTIALITY: Consent is required from all parties for the sharing of identifying and non-identifying information.

RESOURCES: CIs may inspect the confidential court, agency, and maternity home records.

MEDICAL INFORMATION: With a written statement from a physician, a court may order non-identifying medical information to be provided, regardless of an adoptee's age.

SENSITIVITY & PROFESSIONALISM: CIs are trained to handle sensitive situations in a discreet and objective manner.

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