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Getting Started

  • Please contact me for an initial no obligation free consultation.  During this consultation I will explain the process, and answer any questions.

  • Confidential Intermediary fees must be within limits established by the Court pursuant to A.R.S. 8-134(I) and A.R.S. 8-543.  Every case is different, so fees vary, but I aim to keep every search affordable.  We can discuss the fee structure during the initial consultation.

  • If you decide to enlist my services, I will send you paperwork to complete.  Once I receive this along with an initial payment, I will file paperwork with the necessary agencies to view their files. Any information reviewed is confidential and cannot be shared.

  • Information acquired from court and agency files will be used to search for your family member.  Email, phone calls, and letters may be used to establish contact, and great care is used to maintain confidentiality and privacy. Once contact is made, the process is explained, and I work with both parties to achieve a mutually agreeable exchange of contact information.  Every search is different, it is not possible to estimate how long the search process may take.

  • Once contact is made, and signed and notarized forms are completed, identifying information can be exchanged and contact can be made!

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